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Dr. Philipp Leitner
Assistant Professor, ICT Area of Advance
Head of the ICET-LabSoftware Engineering Division
Chalmers | University of Gothenburg
Tel: +46733056914
Mail: philipp.leitner@chalmers.se
Twitter: @xLeitix
Visiting Address:
Jupiter Building, Room 411
Hörselgången 5,
417 56 Göteborg

I am an Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I lead the Internet Computing and Emerging Technologies Lab (ICET-lab), a joint research group located at Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg, and University of Zurich. I hold a PhD degree from Vienna University of Technology (in business informatics, focussing on cost-aware service composition). My current research interests are software performance engineering, especially in a cloud computing context. My current research is funded by Chalmers through the ICT Area of Advance, the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program (WASP), and the Swiss National Science Foundation. I have published some 100 peer-reviewed publications on (micro-)services, cloud systems, and empirical software engineering, leading to an h-index of 27 as tracked by Google Scholar.


  • [04.06.2018] Our paper “Search-Based Scheduling of Experiments in Continuous Deployment” has been accepted at ICSME!
  • [29.04.2018] I will act as the Publication Chair for ICPE 2019 in Mumbai, India.
  • [03.03.2018] Our study on test coverage of JMH and Go microbenchmark suites has been accepted at MSR 2018. Find a preprint here.
  • [28.02.2018] Our paper “We’re doing it live: a multi-method empirical study on continuous experimentation” has now been accepted for publication by Information and Software Technology (IST). This paper (preprint) contains all the gory details about the release engineering study that Gerald has been running. A much shorter version has also appeared in IEEE Software. An earlier version of this paper is freely available as a PeerJ preprint, but the focus has changed in the peer-reviewed IST version (so it’s almost like two different angles on partially the same data).