Research Prototypes

I have been (and still am) actively involved in the development of many (larger) publicly available research prototypes. Here, you can find a list (in counter-chronological order). [closed] prototypes are not under active development anymore, while [active] ones are still being actively used and maintained. If you are using any of these tools (or are interested in using any of them) and need help, please drop me a line.

  • [active]  CloudScale is an experimental middleware for building elastically scaling Java applications. The goal of CloudScale is that users can write elastic cloud applications (i.e., applications that dynamically acquire and release resources from a cloud) just like regular Java apps, and let CloudScale deal with the cloud. There is a pretty well-maintained Google Code page for the project, which contains the source code of middleware, as well as samples and pretty extensive documentation. We are always looking for CloudScale users, so if you want to build an elastic application, tell me! Core publication:
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  • [closed]  VRESCo is a prototypical service runtime environment with support for QoS monitoring, dynamic compositions, service mediation, and plenty of other features. You can find more details about the project here.The prototype is implemented in C# / .NET, and available under an open source licence at Sourceforge. Core publication:
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  • [closed]  Daios was my master’s thesis project, a framework for dynamically invoking SOAP-based Web services. Recent improvements in the Dynamic Invocation Interfaces of state-of-the-art tools, such as Apache CXF, have superseded Daios to some extend, but I am still aware of research projects that use Daios internally. The Java version of Daios is available via Google Code. There is also a .NET version, which is delivered as a sub-project of VRESCo. Core publication:
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