A few personal facts about me:

  • I am somewhat interested in sports. I am a pretty good snowboarder, and I play table tennis semi-competitively (currently for the club SKH in Vienna). I have also started to sculpt my week so that I am able to visit the gym two to three times a week, to work a bit on my personal fitness. So far it is working out better than expected.
  • I spend many an evening / weekend grinding Magic The Gathering (MtG) Online. I have started playing MtG when Mercadian Masques was the current draft format (i.e., almost 15 years ago), and by now I can safely say that I do not suck entirely any more (I am still terrible, though).
  • I follow a bunch of web comics, including Questionable Content, Dilbert, XKCD, PHD Comics, The Oatmeal and Oglaf (warning – NSFW). You should read them, too.
  • I used to do a blog on cat training (in german). I have somewhat lost interest in the project, hence, I am not actively maintaining this blog anymore. Sadly, with 500 to multiple 1000s of daily hits, the blog remains by far my most impactful writing to this day.
  • On a related note, I am big time into cats. I own a nice British Shorthair cat in blue, as well as a spotted Serengeti cat. Both are certified little devils. Check my photo gallery for plenty of cat pics (and a video, too).

If you want to get the full experience of me personally, follow me on Twitter. Lots of private stuff incoming, promise! (some of it german, though)


(best way to contact me is either per e-mail or via Twitter – I do not add people that I do not know personally on Facebook, and, truth be told, I barely ever check Facebook anyway)